Thursday, January 12, 2023




Notice to Electors 32-1-809 C.R.S.


Address and telephone number of District’s principal business office

1845 Lantern Tree Grove(physical address for meetings)

PO Box 1094 (mailing address)

Monument, CO 80132                          


Name and telephone number of primary contact person for District

Chester Sawyer, Board Chair

303-779-571003 - 779 - 5710

Email address of primary contact

District website

Time and place designated for regular Board meetings

Quarterly meetings held at 6:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of February, May, August, and November

1845 Lantern Tree Grove Monument, CO 80132

Posting places designated for meetings notice

Names  and Contact Information of Board Members

(1) Board Chair

Chester Brady Sawyer


This office is on next regular election ballot for a 3 year term



This office is on next regular election ballot for a3 year term


(3) Julie Tetley 


This office is on next regular election ballot for a 3 year term

(4) Jamison Cleaver



(5) Andrew Bussa



Date of next regular election

May 2, 2023

Self-nomination forms to be a candidate for district board member may be obtained from and should be returned to the Designated Election Official (or Board Chair or Secretary if no DEO). [per C.R.S. 1-13.5-303] 

Self-nomination forms for the next regular election much be received by the district by:


February 24, 2023, no later than 5:00 PM.


Applications for absentee voting or for permanent absentee voter status are available from and must be returned to the Designated Election Official. [per C.R.S. 1-13.5-1003]


Designated Election Official

Wendy S. Monteith, Monteith Law, LLC

4610 S. Ulster St., Suite 150        Denver, CO 80237

(303) 290-7413                   


District election results will be posted on these websites

Secretary of State:

Department of Local Affairs:

District or other website:

District Mill Levy

30.00 mills, for collection in 2023

Total ad valorem tax revenue received by the District during 2022

(note if unaudited or otherwise incomplete)






Special District Transparency Notice for Misty Acres Metropolitan District, 2023